Barnabas Harrigan Captain Hostile
Mister Plugg First Mate Hostile
Master Scourge Boatswain, Master-at-Arms Hostile
Grok Quartermaster Allied
Peppery Longfarthing Sailing Master Hostile
Riaris Krine Master Gunner Hostile
Habbly Quarne Ship’s Surgeon, Carpenter Unfriendly
Kipper Gunner’s Mate Hostile
Patch Patchsalt Boatswain’s Mate Hostile
Caulky Tarroon Captain’s Cabin Girl Unknown
Owlbear Thug Allied
Sandara Cleric of Besmara Allied
Rosie Swab Friendly
Cog Swab Unfriendly
Conchobhar Shortstone Rigger Unfriendly
Barefoot Samms Toppin Rigger Neutral
Giffer Tibbs Swab Neutral
Jack Scrimshaw Swab Neutral
Ratline Rigger Neutral
Tilly Brackett Swab Neutral
Badger Medler Swab Unfriendly
Shivika Swab Unfriendly
Aretta Branson Swab Hostile
Flips Chumlet Swab Hostile
Jaundiced Jape Swab Hostile
Maheem Rigger Hostile
Slippery Lonegan Rigger Hostile
Narwhal Rigger Hostile
Jakes Magpie DECEASED  
Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop DECEASED

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