The son of a human man, cursed by the blood of the wolf, and a human woman, Rais was born with the wolfs blood burning within him. He never knew his father, who left after his romantic evening with his mother and left the next morning, and was raised by his mother alone. Rais never knew about his unique gifts growing up and what he felt he thought as normal. He didn’t understand why all the grown-ups besides his mom kept looking at him funny, why dogs always growled at him or why he always wanted to growl back, or why he could always follow his mother just by her smell. It wasn’t until he met a Druid one day while in the woods collecting firewood in the forest that he began to understand. The Druid seemed to know what he was and saw it as a blessing, offering to teach the young boy how to control the beast which resided slumbering within as well as teach him other secrets of the natural world. Rais agreed upon the stipulation that he be able to tell his mother and visit her. The Druid agreed and Rais raced off to inform his mother who agreed that it was time for him to understand what he was and find his place within the rest of the world.

   The boy spent the next 10 years of his life learning from the druids of the moon, learning about the wolf that dwelled inside him and the mystic power that permeated the world and all who dwelled upon it. He eventually learned how to control the beast within and embrace it as a part of himself, even transforming into a pure hybrid of his two halves as well as a wolf with distinctive black and white fur. AS often as he was able Rais would return to his old home to visit his mother and help her in any way possible upon the farm, utilizing his recently gained knowledge to aid the land in recovery during the time for harvest as well as aid in its growth during the spring. One day, while plowing the field he decided to expedite the process by taking the form of the wolf and pulling the plow. He harnessed himself to it and transformed before beginning anew but he failed to see a villager who had come to call upon his mother. The villager saw a wolf harnessed to the plow and ran back to the village frightened and screaming of witch craft. Rais saw the man only to late and told his mother who stated that he must flee into the woods so that he would not be seen and let her deal with the village, promising that she would meet her son in a clearing of the forest where he meet the druid so long ago. Rais did as his mother asked and went to the meeting place and waited. He waited for three days before he could not wait, afraid of what kept his mother so long. When he returned to his old home it had been destroyed and his mother, his loving and kind mother he found tied to a stake and burned. His grief was overwhelming and he began to lose himself in it. He wept for a long time before his tears turned to fury. He was able to find the scent of those who had done this to his home and he vowed to have vengeance upon them. He took up the nearest thing to a weapon he could find, a scythe he had used many times for harvesting the crops, and began tracking the scent of those who had killed his mother.

   He followed the trail to the village, constantly struggling with the beast within that wished for the blood of those responsible till he came upon the tavern. He found them inside. Twelve men, each one laughing and drinking as they relieved there “glory” over slaying the “evil witch” who would have cursed them all if they had not taken the law into their own hands and dealt with the bitch. Rais lost all sense of control when he heard this and unleashed the beast inside to enact its revenge and quench its bloodlust upon those who had hurt one it cared for. With a Yell that soon became a howl the young man Rais changed from a man into a pure hybrid of man and wolf and charged at the fools. Sprinting across the tavern on three paws with the fourth holding the scythe at the ready he pounced at the men and stuck. The blade, sharped for cutting through so many stalks of wheat felt no resistance beneath his hands as he harvested the head of the first. Continuing with his momentum Rais spin on the balls of his feet and brought the blade in a crescent to impale two more stalks foolish enough to stand close together. One stalk that seemed to have regained some sense of himself, attacked with the bottle he had been drinking from and smashed it on Rais head. Rais shrugged off the blow as he would a fly and grabbed the man and brought him close before he tore his throat out with his teeth, letting his corpse drop like the trash he had become. Others were gathering, attempting to defend those who the beast sought to kill but Rais would not allow it. He fought them all back, shrugging off there blows and made his way towards his next crop of stalks. The next group had grabbed there weapons, pitchforks and quarter staves and held them before them, wobbling from both fear and booze. The scythe struck, cleaving their weapons in half before turning around and harvesting its crop. Patrons had been fleeing and calling for help, some more even trying to save these men but Rais paid them no mind, refusing to truly strike back at them nor let the beast retaliate for they were doing what good neighbors do but he would not be swayed. Six lay dead but six more remained. He let out a howl and dropped to three paws before running out of the tavern and towards the next of his stalks to harvest. He had sought to take refuge within one of the smaller homes of the village along with what smelled like two other stalks. Jumping to the roof of the building Rais quickly made short work of the roof and landed inside where he used the shadows to stalk his prey as they looked around the room, searching for what they could only believe was the grim reaper come to collect their souls. They were right. Rais pounced from the shadows and swung his scythe with strength, accuracy, and speed. One, two, three swipes and three more stalks were harvested. Still in his blood lust Rais howled his triumph over his kills before breaking through the door and sniffing around for his last three targets. Before him the people of the town fled in fear, coating the air with it and nearly covering the scent he was searching for but he found them. Following the closest two and ignoring the rest he moved on, tracking them. He followed it straight to the docks where he found them, gathered behind a group of villagers preparing to hunt him. They were not prepared. Swiftly he was among them, swinging out with the back end of his scythe as he moved among them till he reached the two stalks who smelled of his mother’s blood and he struck. The first fell upon his back before being harvested and the second fell with his back facing his predator. Rais moved on not wishing to harm any others and searching for the last one, the last to smell like his mother. He found him, standing boldly in the center of town and surrounded by the remaining villagers able to fight before daring him, daring the wolf demon to reach him. Rais lost all sense of reason at that point and was consumed by the anger of the beast within and all went black.

       When he woke it was to the faces of the druids who had taught him so much and the rising sun. He learned from them what had happened, that he had attacked as a wild beast and torn through the crowd, biting and striking out at any who remained in his way before finally arriving at his intended victim. For this man there was no mercy, no compassion in the dead. He had been torn open and ripped apart piece by piece while his cries of pain filled the night. The druids had born witness to this. They had wondered what had taken Rais so long to return to them and set out, only to find his home destroyed and his mother burned and feared the worst. Following his tracks they came upon the village and witnessed his fury and the conclusion of his hunt before they were able to step in. It had taken many of them to restrain him, more so to keep him there till morning and when Rais had finally stopped from exhaustion and slept, those that had restrained him had to do the same from fatigue. Those who were able went among the survivors to help those they could and begin to repair the town that one of theirs had destroyed in his rage. Rais felt true pity for those he had hurt that were not those he sought after and did what he could to aid any who would allow him to though not many did. From those that allowed it he learned of others who he had bitten but had survived and fled the village. Of these Rais knew he had to help and made a vow to himself that as soon as he was able he would leave to search them out and help them either to rid themselves of the curse or come to control it. He returned home to bury his mother and take what he could salvage from the remains of his old home that would be of any use to him Rais set out, trusting his nose to search out any of the survivors that had fled from the village.

    After many days of traveling he was walking through a forest along the road when he came across a white wolf that stood in his way upon the road, watching him. He went to pass by it, not fearing it in anyway when the wolf moved to block him. Not wanting to harm the beast Rais changed his course to go around the beast another way to which the white wolf moved to block his path again. Rais soon became angry with the wolf and barked at the wolf to let him pass but the wolf would not budge. Glaring at the wolf and understanding its message Rais changed into a wolf himself and challenged the white wolf, for passage into its territory. The white wolf attacked Rais biting at him and jumping upon him with Rais returning bite for bite and jump for jump. The two battled ferociously but Rais came out on top, wounding the wolf and asserting his dominance. Changing back he looked down at the white wolf, who looked back, unafraid of the death it would certainly face and in those eyes Rais began to feel pity for it. He called upon the powers of nature as he had learned and beseeched them to heal this creature for the bravery and fearlessness it had shown. The white wolf was healed and Rais looked at it with respect before continuing down the path. He walked down the road a small bit before he heard footsteps coming from behind him and turned to look and saw that same white wolf was following him. He turned and began walking down the road again, unafraid of the wolf and was slightly astonished when it began walking alongside him, stopping when he stopped and looking at him expectantly. Laughing to himself Rais began talking to the wolf and accepting him as his companion after he decided to name him Lycus. The two continued on as Rais continued in his search for those he had harmed.


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