My mother is a warning told to the children of the High Elven kingdom of Vanimedle. The fallen princes and her great betrayal tell of the consequences of loving outside their race. An act forbidden by Solindir, the fearful king. I imagine they even use the phrase once upon a time. So…

One upon a time there was a beautiful princess, Seremela. The only child of the Elven King, her destiny was known at birth. The king would barter his daughter as trade for peace with his enemy to the south. For what other use was a female child? Seremela grew into a woman and the eve of their marriage drew near. What should happen? A wounded human warrior was brought to the king’s home. The solider of an ally he was given protection. As he healed and his strength grew he fell in love with his nurse, the King’s daughter. They planned to run away as soon as he was well, live a life of their own making. Word reached the king and fury filled him. The warrior was sent away and executed for crimes against the king.

Not long after the shamed princess was discovered to be carrying the warrior’s child. Her betrothal was broken, the long standing peace gone. The king wanted to punish his daughter. He waited and allowed the child in her womb to grow. Time passed and the moment of the child’s birth arrived. Her entrance into the world was not easy, the princess was with fever and the pain overwhelmed her. The king used her delirium to steal the child and send her away. When the princess awoke he told her the child had died exiting the womb .A proper punishment for her crime against her people. He broke what was left of her heart. So that night the princess crept to the edge of the waterfall her father’s kingdom sat upon. Unable to face a life without us, she lept to her death.

I doubt this is the version they use to warn their children. The king’s missive was sent to dispose of the abomination. This man however had a kind heart. As he roamed the forrest music caught his attention, it lead him to a band of traveling gypsies. He told them of his charge and begged them to take me.

The named me Sparrow. Though they may have been thieves passing themselves off as magicians and street performers, they were loving and the best family I could ask for. I learnt the family trade, and am quite good at it. The time has come for me to leave and make my own way. I have promised myself I will return to my mother’s homeland. To find the king and see him suffer. For in my story he’s the evil villain  I plan to see to it he doesn’t have a happy ending.


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