Asher’s Journal: Days 8 – 11

Day 8

For some reason, it took us all day to make it back to the gold mine. Very uneventful… just a lot of quiet reflection.

Day 9

We encountered a Wil-O’-Wisp today in our journey back to the Old Sycamore Tree. I thought they were just, y’know, swamp gas or something. Nope! Definitely something supernatural. It even had what looked like a ghostly skull inside! It menaced us for a while before we couldn’t take it anymore, and so we had to attack. It was very difficult to hit it with anything but Jack’s magic. I want one. As a pet. I’d name it Mittens. Anyway… at night we were attacked by bandits. I cannot wrap my brain around this. There were six bandits in this group, which makes it, oh, somewhere between 20 and 30 bandits we’ve killed out here in the Greenbelt. Surely whatever survivors are left would know by now to not even bother. It’s just irritating at this point – Reyes didn’t even bother asking any of them to surrender. Jack was angry enough to cast a spell that made the last remaining bandit fuck a tree for a couple minutes before he killed him. Wizards get angry when you interrupt their beauty sleep, is the lesson here, I think.

Day 10

Ah, at last, back at Oleg’s! We’ve been enjoying nice hot meals with real food, ice cold drinks, and the company of other people that aren’t trying to murder us in our sleep on a nightly basis. It’s been great! Some guards had shown up not long after we set out to guard the post, and they rewarded us for our work in dealing with the bandits. So now Restov has officially paid cold hard cash for the straight-up murder of about 30 country yokels, so that’s great. As a former urban bandit myself, I find it weird to see people so complacent about the killing of other people just because of a label. That’s like… my kind of cold. Aw, who am I kidding? These are guards. They’d eat their own boots if their superiors ordered it. Oleg and Svetlana were thrilled about the return of the wedding ring, and we earned 1000gp credit at the trading post in addition to some more hard cash! All this, combined with the loot Sparrow and I took from the kobolds, put our party’s finances at over 20,000gp in value. When we dropped that bombshell over dinner, everyone agreed we should take a vacation in Restov and go on a shopping spree. Ah, I’m exciting about heading back to civilization, even if it’s just for a week!

Day 11

We fenced the unwanted loot and divvied up the cash – 5,400gp for each of us. Nice! Reyes and I went to his adoptive grandfather, a dwarf who runs a forge/armory. He gave us the family discount, so we placed orders for some fancy armor. Mithral for me, living steel for Reyes. I went and bought some more goodies while Reyes stopped to help his grandfather. I gotta say, I like the old dwarf. So I headed to his favorite drinking hole and plopped 100gp down on his tab. That oughta cover him for a good long while. I was in a great mood, and once Sparrow and Jack found me we got quite the party going!

Indeed, they somehow convinced all the patrons to go topless, and things got rowdy, fast. Mind you, I was a bit self-absorbed, scheming and enjoying my drink and meal. But next thing I know, Jack’s offering me 100gp to “get rid of” some middle-aged woman that’s all over him. A strange request coming from our resident man-whore, but who am I to turn down easy cash? So I backhanded the dumb bitch. As she ran off, sobbing, broken jaw agape, nobody else seemed to notice, except the bartender. He was very angry with me, and told me that not only would he not be accepting my money anymore, but that the woman I just beat was the wife of a famous retired gladiator. And, of course, the gladiator was doubtless on the way to kill me.

Well, guess I better get the gladiator out of the way tonight so I can enjoy the rest of my vacation without someone trying to kill me. Step 1, I paid some drunkard to dress and act like me as a decoy back in the alehouse. I waited for a while in a tavern across the street for Mr. Tough Guy to show up, but no such luck. So I tracked down where he lived. Through the windows, it looked like he was still in a tense discussion with his wife. Who was still topless and clutching a broken jaw. I almost turned around and let it be, but… maybe it was the whiskey, maybe it was something dark within me. But I wanted to send a message: Don’t even think about trying to kill Asher. So I killed some beggar in a dark alley and tossed the body into the gladiator’s front lawn. I then tracked down a guard and reported the body, and watched from a hiding spot as gladiator and wife were hauled away for questioning.

Sparrow suddenly appeared out of the shadows, glaring suspiciously at me. How can she see me? It’s those damn elf eyes. She demanded to know what I was doing. I went with honesty this time, and told her I wanted to rob the house and burn it down. Her eyes lit up. She was in. I didn’t know how long the gladiator family was going to be gone, but I bet we can clean house in under 5 minutes.


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