I was born to an incredibly loving and supportive family in Kyonin with an elvish mother and father and a remarkable brother. As a child I spent most of time helping my mother with chores while my father worked for the Queen as an ambassador to Brevoy. Considering the kingdom was still trying to get back on its feet everyone helped everyone out. Most of the children were sheltered from the troubles with neighboring countries, but we all knew that traveling too far from home was not an option. I especially was very sheltered as my father had a good job, my mother was very loving, and my brother was normally away training with the other boys. I made many friends nearby, as I was good with minor tricks and took it upon myself to learn more and share what I knew with the other girls. It gave us something to do. One girl I was especially good friends with, her name is Alandriel and at our age she was incredibly bright and took an interest in more masculine hobbies such as trapping and hunting. She enjoyed what knowledge I had to share and in return she would teach me how to trap small game on the edge of the woods. I guess you could say we were best friends, and like any good best friend she eventually acquired a crush on my older brother, Rohkea, and he on her. I was too focused on learning new things, eventually spells, to really care about boys. Most of the boys where I lived were incredibly focused on training and working their way up the ranks, or on the less bright girls who wanted babies and liked to braid hair. My mother used to be an incredibly active magus for the kingdom, especially when we had to take this land back, but now that things were relatively calm she was much more like the other women who spent time taking care of their children and doing chores. She did however see that I had a knack for learning and felt that maybe I would enjoy learning spells after I had read all the other books we owned and learned several languages. As I began to hone my skills as a magus my friendship with Alandriel slowly began to drift away as she became more focused on Rohkea and the fantasy of having a family with him. I was about 110 when Roh asked me how he should propose to Alandriel, I told him I would help him if he would start sparring with me and helping me become better with combat. He never understood why I wanted to get better at it, but honestly it was just something new to learn. I felt like I should be skilled in everything, because if nothing should happen then I’ll get by with my brains but if neighboring countries were to try to move in again I would have to protect people. It would be stupid to not become a little better at that which I could easily learn. So, for three years my brother trained me. At this point, he was already an active member of the Queen’s guard and often went with my father to Brevoy on business.

About two years ago my father was forced to step down from his position. He was given enough money to help my family live comfortably for the rest of our lives, but the Queen’s advisors would not tell him why he was asked to leave. I have a feeling my brother knew, because after that he did not come home very often. He was either always away on business or with the Queen, by this time Alandriel had given birth to one of his sons but was very depressed as Roh was never around. Almost a year ago however, he returned…and he stayed. He never left her side and things seemed alright. He would visit us often and seemed happier than ever, but any time we brought up where he had been or why he was back he’d quickly change the subject or excuse himself. A few months ago my brother disappeared. Alandriel had no idea where he had gone and when my father went to talk to the Queen’s guard they acted as if he never existed. Then we received a letter that said, “Rohkea Laidir was ordered to go to the Stolen Lands. He has not returned, he will probably not return as the guard has ‘forgotten’ his existence. I suggest you do the same if you wish to continue living peacefully.” There was no signature and no seal. I shared the letter with Alandriel in confidence and she begged me to take her child so she could go look for him, but I knew she was in no condition to travel and then venture into the Stolen Lands. So, without notice, I ran to the river to travel to Brevoy for information. I knew my brother had to have made friends up there since he was very charismatic, and if he had been in the area they may know. I left my parents a note telling them that I would return with their son, that I loved them, and to not say a word about me leaving. If anyone asks, say I’m in the kingdoms library, since I used to spend days there at a time. It would have to work. Aside from my family and Alandriel I had no real relationships with anyone; if my brother could disappear so easily as could I. I took our only and beloved horse, Cre´,and headed to the port where I would take a ship up the river.

After a long travel to Brevoy I began asking around about my brother. A few taverns and shop owners had heard of him, but said they hadn’t seen him in months. I knew that this meant that he had to have come to Brevoy before going to the Stolen Lands, but why he would venture into such dangerous territory needlessly I did not understand. I continued asking around but could not find any real answers, until one shop owner suggest I simply find a guide and look for myself instead of asking others. Figuring the best place I could find a guide would be near the border I started heading that way, that’s when I met Fionn. I could tell he wasn’t an ordinary human due to his ears and the fact that he was the first male I’d seen actually taller than me. I knew that with rangers the best way to get something out of them is often to just be straight-forward and tell them what you need and what you’ll give. So I asked him to be my guide with the goal of finding my brother and paid him 20 gold upfront with the deal that I’d give him the other half after we found my brother, dead or alive.


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