The Stag Lord (DECEASED)

The Stag Lord

The Stag Lord had been tortured by his father, as evidenced by a multitude of horrific scars and acid burns. No doubt this abuse led to issues and fueled the despot’s cruelty and malice. And despite leading a large group of bandits in the Greenbelt, the Stag Lord still preferred to remain perpetually drunk on a special green liquor. As vengeance, he kept his father prisoner in the cellar of the storehouse.

The party initially wanted to arrest the Stag Lord and have him answer for his crimes in Restov – a long list. But the Stag Lord indirectly made things personal when his bandits routinely attacked the party in their sleep as they trekked across the Greenbelt. Thus, when they came to his fort, it was to assassinate him, not arrest him.

He was beheaded by Reyes. Asher kept his infamous Stag Helm.


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