I feel that now that I am older and wiser in my ways, that it would behoove me to write out my life’s adventures and lineage. To begin in such an undertaking it feels that it would only be fitting to speak on my parents, of which I hardly knew but am immensely proud of. They were Derek Bluemica al Rogarvia and Alleria Catherine Duwarga of the forty-fourth Dragon Company.

     My father was a captain in the mounted division of the Free City of Restov and somewhat of a local hero as well as a mysterious figure. He arrived one day, giving only his first name and vowing to serve in the military but only if he would be placed within the mounted division. Under normal circumstances a man clearly not from Revers, who only gave his first name would have never been given the opportunity to serve but my father was able to “convice” all who needed it of his worth. The tales of how he accomplish this vary widely and counted such acts as holding the mayor upside down untill he agreed to slaying a horde of goblins single handedly a bringing back each of their heads, counting over one thousand in number or so the tale goes. Whatever my father did to be admitted worked and he was allowed to serve and quickly began to progress through the ranks with his tactical prowess, charismatic charm, and utter fearlessness. Stories of my father’s daring raid upon a vicious gang of bandits numbering in the hundreds with only a handful of men  is still told to young children to inspire and entertain them. I have also been told that my father had the eye of every women within the city, even the married ones for both his valor and looks were well favored, but he sought a women of stronger character and found his match in my mother.

     My mother was a local of Restov, orphaned at a young age when both of my grandparents died while on a mining exception within the Golushkin Mountains and raised by the dwarven smith Morgrym, a friend of the family and the one who raised myself upon my parents untimely death. She was quick of mind, strong of character, and fiery tempered to boot but a natural born leader none the less and would constantly get herself and many of the other children into trouble with her wild schemes of fun and valor. Grandpa Morgrym, as I was oft to call him, always recalled these moments with a smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye even as he spoke of how much of a handful she was for a human child. When my mother was of age she was a beauty to behold and many men called upon her and could have easily chosen a life of ease and luxury but my mother would have none of it and left everything behind to join the military to carve her own way in the world. As the fates would have it she was placed within the mounted division where she learned the fighting style of the Dragoon and proved herself to be a vicious and cunning opponent for any that would face her. She became the rising star of the military and was certain to command her own company when my father arrived. From the first day the two meet there seemed to be a deep rivalry and tension and the two were constantly seen arguing and competing with each other, each never seeming to gain the upper hand. This changed when word came that there was soon to be a promotion to captain and the receivers own company, but only one.

     My parent’s rivalry began to heat up, with each striving to show the top officers of their value as officer and soldier. It was so intense in fact that all other candidates simply removed their names from the consideration, from fear that they would be forced to have to deal with such strong and skilled individuals. It culminated with the two squaring off in a vicious duel, which by all accounts my mother instigated and sought. They battled for a great length of time and gave each other a rather vicious beating and would have lasted till the two were unable to move any more if my father hadn’t done something that my mother was not expecting, he kissed her. It completely stunned my mother and she unwittingly let her defenses drop which my father used to finish the fight. Shortly after the duel my father was promoted to captain and given charge of his own company, the forty-forth mounted division Dragon Company and was informed that he had the right to choose his officers to serve under him. All were surprised when he named my mother as his second in command and when asked why he simply said she was “the second best fighter he had ever seen within the military, one who possessed a sharp mind and strength of arms to follow and complete any order and who had the respect and admiration of those men who would follow her into battle.” When asked who he saw as the best he would simply shoot back with a smirk, “myself of course.” From that point things changed between my parents and although they were still usually seen arguing, the hostility between them had vanished and in its place there lay respect and love. They began meeting in secret until they could no longer bear to hid their feelings from those around them and revealed there intent to marry to their superior officers. Many of them questioned my father’s decision and that they would need to be removed from there position of authority as all future and past decisions would now be brought into question. My father said something in response that still strikes me to my core this day. He issued a challenge to them stating, as the account goes, that if they could find someone better to replace the two of them, persons with the experience and skill that they possessed then they would step down. None could be found and so they continued to lead for many more years.

     Tales of their exploits continued to grow till they became the heroes that the bards sing of and tell stories to entertain and inspire to this day but every hero has enemies and it was no different for my parents. During their career they had made some powerful, political ones among the nobles and officers within the various houses and they sought to see these two upstart heroes of the people who so blatantly did as they chose be brought down low and they began to set a trap for them. They were sent out on a mission to rescue a noble who had been captured by bandits and even though they knew it to be a trap, were honor bound to complete the mission. They went into the Golushkin Mountains with a small band of men and found the bandits that had “kidnapped” the noble, a gang of over a hundred strong and no noble in sight. The bandits attacked viciously, and if not for the swift decisions of my father all would have been slain. The company fought through the enemy the till they were able to get to a cave where those who were fit to fight remained at the front while the wounded were brought to the back. My father and mother remained at the entrance till the battle ended bringing all their strength and skill to the front. They fought to the end, inspiring all of the company to fight to the last and making each wound from an enemy brought back on their heads one hundred fold. When I was able to speak to those who had survived that day they always described my father as an invincible dragon, covered with wounds and filled with arrows but never relenting and my mother as the likeness of Sarenrae, her golden hair surrounding her like a halo as she fought beyond all mortal means to remain at my father’s side. The bandits were unable to break them and eventually fled but not before they had suffered an incredible lose, near all of their force had been spent. The Company had survived, but at a dear cost. My parents stood back to back with the corpses of their enemies surrounding them and the cave entrance, but the spark of their lives had faded. Those men who were able buried them there, there weapons the markers for their graves and brought back there tale.

     That is my lineage and what drives me forward for I later learned that my father was of the house Rogarvia, believed to have simply vanished from the face of Golarian but he was a survivor. Now I am the last of my house and I shall bring about their return to Brevoy and to Golarian. 

My Beginnings

     Now comes the part of the tale where I enter into it proper, as I am in fact the hero of it. I was born in the Free City of Restov to my parents, Captain Derek Bluemica al Rogarvia and First Lieutenant Alleria Catherine Duwarga. When I was only five they were lost to me while on a raid of which they have been sung and tales that have been told since and I was left to be raised by the one who raised my mother, a dwarven smith who I lovingly call Grandpa Morgrym, or Morgrym of the scowl on one of his tirades. I was always a restless child who would constantly get into a great deal of trouble, as my mother did by going on imaginary adventures with many of the other children of the neighborhood in which I was raised. I often would adventure into the farm lands, to my caretaker’s utter annoyance and loved to play with the ponies and young colts being raised upon them. It became a common occurrence for me to be run off by the owner in the way one shoo’s a favored stray cat that you always hope will come back, and well does. Eventually, the horse breeder allowed me to assist him in the care and maintenance of the horses and it was through this that I bounded with a young colt, whom I named Thorongil for he was a stout hearted and brave horse with the heart of a lion.

      As I grew older I was forced to spend less and less time with Thorongil as I was taught by grandpa Morgrym the ancient ort of the forge, though I always managed to find some time to spend riding him through the lands on small adventures of exploration. I learned quickly how to mold the metal to my wills desire and found it to be a great source of relaxation for myself, while still retaining enough of a challenge to keep me focused. I also learned that it could be quite profitable given the right client and I used this to my advantage to eventually purchase Thorongil for my own. My education did not stop there, as my grandfather saw in me the same intelligence that my mother had portrayed and saw to it that I was enrolled in a proper school, where I learned many things, such as to write, read, and speak draconic and basic strategies. It was then that I discovered my ability to quickly learn another language and sought out to learn more, for as my professor often said “to understand another’s language is to be one step closer to understanding them” and I sought to understand as much as I could about the world around me.

     The first language I learned frankly surprised me in that I had never thought to learn it for my grandfather had spoken it for as long as I could remember, though it was primarily the curses. I learned to speak dwarvish fluidly and learned all of the runes, some of which I had been using in my forging without understanding there true nature. I then progressed to Elvish, which while it is a beautiful language it is to flowy for my tastes, but useful none the less and sylvan, a natural choice. I than began to learn giant, for as many of the dwarves in the community would say “tis best to know what your enemy is sayin so that you can bring an axe to his head even faster!” I also came across someone who understood the boggart language, a curious man who seemed to dislike being in direct sunlight or being seen for that matter.

     When I came of age I began to consider following in my parent’s footsteps and join the military’s mounted division and aspire to be a captain as my father was. When I told this to grandpa morgrym he stoutly sayed that I was not allowed for if I followed in my parents footsteps I would die the same as they had and not due to glory but due to the workings of politicians and nobles. We argued constantly over this before he provided me with an alternative. He explained that the surviving men of the Dragon company under my father’s command had left the military and formed their own mercenary company, The Followers of the Dragon. He spoke of one man, a Sergeant “Spike” who Morgrym was still in communication with that would bring me to the company and train me. He also decided that it was time to inform me of my true heritage and give me my rightful inheritance that was left in his care till I had come of age. He explained to me the truth of my father and had me swear an oath to him that I would not bring this information to light till I was in a position of power, one were none could question my rise to it or my assertion to that place of power. He then gave me a necklace my father had given to my mother as proof of his lineage. The necklace was made of red dragon scales and bore the crest of the Rogarvia family. Many times have I marveled at its craftsmanship and it has never left my side since. When he had finished my grandfather made a single request of me, to truly think upon the path that I was to walk and choose wisely in it but to take at least three days to contemplate it, giving me those days of to think.

     That night I left and went with Thorongil into the woods, seeking solace and a place to meditate on the roads in front of me. While meditating I began to dream and within my dream I saw the cave that my parents had died while defending, there graves beside its entrance and thee weapons glowing in the moonlight that shown on them. As I looked on them I felt a sense of peace and clarity and was not surprised when I felt warm, tender arms wrap around me in a loving embrace and my mother’s voice from my memory speak. “It is time for you to begin your journey my son” she said, “and walk the path fate has brought before you.” I turned to look behind me and it changed and I was standing at a cross road, one path moving to the left and another to the right. Down the right path I saw turbulence but structure; battles fought not with the sword but with words, and cloaked men who watched me always. Down the left I structure but camaraderie, battles of skill and strength, and the beginnings of a new kingdom. A man I instinctively knew as my father stepped forward from my left side saying “Look, my son and behold your futures! These are the destinies you may choose for you are the last of the Rogarvia.” He turned to face me and smiled placing his hand upon my shoulder. “Know this my son. You are strong, in spirit and in arm and we are proud of who you are and weep with joy at the man you will one day become. No decision you make shall ever change that for we know you shall always remain a man of honor.” My mother then stepped forward from my right and took my hand in hers. “We shall always love you my son. Never forget that and never let our memory be tarnished by what others say” said my father. Then the two of them began to step back, releasing me from the touch only reluctantly and a great sadness and longing overcame me, but the feeling of hope remained. The hope to see them again at the end of all things and the hope to make them proud of what I had done. As they slowly I turned instinctively towards the left path and began to walk down the road when I awoke. I knew the way to go from that point on and returned to my grandfather to let him know of my dream and my decision. I choose to join with the Followers of the Dragon and learn the ways of the cavalier from them.

     Morgrym quickly sent out a missive for Sergeant Spike who arrived later in the week to bring me to what became my new home. It was here that I learned everything of combat and a great deal more of strategy, even surprising many of the more experienced men with my skills as a tactician though I and my new comrades soon learned of my pension to charge into battle as my mother once did. I also was able to hear firsthand the tales of my parents from those who had been beside them and learned from those tales how great of leaders they truly were and how I could better become one myself. After a year of training I was eventually allowed out on missions and I quickly began to show what I had learned as I sought to prove myself worthy of my family’s name.

     It was on one of these missions that I learned the greatest lesson, that of true loyalty. I had been sent out with a small group to deal with a goblin infestation and we had been caught by surprise and were forced to flee. While we were running I tripped and fell, twisting my ankle in the process. One of my fellow members saw this and came back for me but was unable to effectively carry me and flee and I begged him to flee with his life but he aptly refused. Eventually the goblins swarmed over us and we were forced to defend ourselves as best we could. At that time I truly thought I would die but fate and my comrades had other plans. As we fought for our lives my comrade became deeply wounded in many places by the swarming goblins and went down among a pile of the creaures while I managed somehow to keep the creatures at pay when suddenly a cry rent through the trees and the rest of our company came crashing through to our rescue. They proceeded to fight off the rest of the goblins and form a protective circle around us two while we received medical aid from the healers. While I was fine the man, Aszikiel, who had come back for me was not and there was very little we could do for him. I begged to speak with him before he should pass to say my thanks and was granted my request. All I could say was why. Why come back for me a fool who had fallen behind, why not save himself when he could, why risk his life for me. He replied “Because your one of use. We never leave anyone behind.” Those proved to be his last words and I wept, for I finally understood what true loyalty was. This man had shown me with his last breath the depth of loyalty that my father and mother had been given these men and had given in return. He showed me what camaraderie meant in its purest form and I vowed to always remember it and uphold it. From that day I was a changed man, a true cavalier of the order of the dragon.

     I continued to serve with the Followers of the Dragon for four more years when I received a summons from one of the Aldori Swordlords. When I arrived at his estate I noticed the odd assortment of adventures that seemed to also be waiting to speak with the lord and mentally wondered at the reason why I had been summoned. When I was at last admitted to speak to the lord I was informed that I was being presented with the opportunity to go south into the stolen lands and reclaim land from the horde of barbarians and bandits that lived there then establish a kingdom. If I was to agree to this then I would be sent with five other with similar interest in order to accomplish this monumental goal. I found myself speechless at this turn of events and found myself asking the Swordlord why he had selected me. He said, “I recall the bravery of your parents and their determination. You are there son and even now I see them within you and feel that you will succeed where so many have failed, simply because you will not bow.” I heartily accepted his offer and the charter he presented me and waited to see what would come of things. My future was ahead of me and I could hardly wait for it.


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