Gozran 27th

I have decided to keep this journal as a log for all that will happen to me along this adventure I have undertaken to first explore and clear out the stolen lands and then eventually found my own kingdom with the aid of those that I have gathered to my side. First of these was Fionn, whom I sent for immediately after speaking with the sword lord and receiving my charter. When he arrived he had a woman, kydien who had business within the stolen lands as she was searching for her lost brother there in. I could sense the magical aura emminating from her and sizing her up she appeared to be useful with a blade and so offered her thusly, aid me in my quest to found the kingdom I had seen in my dream and I would do everything within my power to find her brother. She agreed and I told Fionn and her where to meet me at the appointed time later that day.

I headed next to a local tavern where I sought out Rufus Orlovsky who I had heard also acquired a charter for exploration into the stolen lands and felt that having him, along with his house would aid me in the future. When I arrived I discovered of his death at the hands of one of his family but discovered that another in the family had taken up his charter and was pointed out to him. The man sat at a nearby table and stuck me as a man who could deal with any problem, be they legal or not and I felt compelled to ask him to join me. The man stated his name was Asher and after discussing the venture with him thoroughly he eventually agreed under the conditions that he had a place within the new government to which I agreed. We went our separate ways after I informed him of when and where to meet.

It was on my way back to meet the others later that day that I came across a wizard named Jack performing in the street with such ease that I felt compelled to stop and watch his show. At its conclusion I waited till everyone had left and approached him. I explained to him the venture I was on and requested his aid in the founding of the kingdom I had seen and a place of his own within it to which he agreed. I asked him to gather what he needed and to meet at the tavern I had selected as soon as he was ready and able and left to meet the others.

When I arrived I found Fionn and Kydien waiting and joined them. Soon the wizard, Jack, joined us followed not to soon after by Asher who had someone following beside him that he said had agreed to join us. Her name was Sparrow. The introductions were made and we each prepared to set off to the stolen lands, each with our own desires and goals driving us and I could not but wonder how things would turn out. Would each of us fulfill our desires?

We departed soon after and I was handed papers of bounties for the area of the stolen lands as we excited the city. We arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post as the sun began to set and were greeted by Oleg himself, who seemed to think that we were the guards he had been waiting for. I informed him we were not and he began to tell us about all of the local bandit problems that they had been experiencing and I could not help but feel as if it was my duty to help this man and promised him that we would do what we could to help. He explained how the bandits always did the same thing each time they came and using a map of the trading post, devised a strategy that all could agree to and went our separate ways for the night. Asher had been acting suspicious later as he began boiling some oil, which he claimed was for his onion rings, which I had never heard of and left him to it after reminding him that we need one alive.

Gozran 28th

When I awoke I began to get ready for the coming bandits, making sure every one was in there place before they arrived. When they did we quickly locked them in the fort and I offered them a chance to surrender but they refused and Fionn fired an arrow from his bow with such precision that it slayed there leader in one shot, clean through the eye before it thudded to s stop on my shield. Asher then threw boiling oil, the same that he had been using to cook his “onion rings” with on those remaining. They quickly surrendered after this and Jake and requested a room from Oleg that we may interrogate them. He complied and we began our work. It went surprisingly well and Jack proved his worth without having to cast a single spell, scarring the remaining men into telling us everything we asked. I even went along with it and began to appear as terrifying as I could while sharping my blade as if to kill them where they squatted. We learned the location of the main bandit camp and left the bandits to Oleg’s mercy, who I did request of him to at least show some mercy to the men as not everyone who lives that life has a choice to it. He did not seem to listen and I could find no fault to it. Before we left Oleg did ask me to find his wife, Svetlana’s, wedding ring that the bandits had taken and I promised to do what I could. WE headed out that day passing the place that the bandits must have been using as a temporary camp for when they came through this way and pressed on.

As we continued down the path we eventually stumbled, almost literally, upon an elemental force of nature, a shambling mound. The creature was powerful and we attacked it with all that we had. I was not able to keep track of all that transpired during the battle as I had to concentrate upon keeping Thorongil and I from being hit by the beast who grazed me once, which nearly took my head off and I fear that my life would have been forfeit if my luck had not held out. Asher had the honor of the final blow to the creature and we decided that as soon as we could find a suitable place to rest we would camp for the night.

As exhausted as we all were I fear we did not take the necessary precautions that we should and were ambushed by bandits during the night. Jake took the worst of the attack, being struck soundly by an arrow and I quickly did what I could to protect him, pushing him back to the ground so he would be a smaller target and standing over him to block any attacks that would be aimed at him.  Sparrow and the others were able to quickly dispatch them and Fionn, with a little coaxing was brought over to aid jack with the arrow that had hit him.

Gozran 29th

We continued on towards the bandit camp with nothing eventful happening till that night. As we lay sleeping the perimeter alarm that Asher had placed around our camp went of and we quickly rose to face the perceived threat, which turned out to be a crazed man named Joe. Seeing that there was no true threat from the man I went back to my watch left the others to handle whatever happened with him. Eventually I heard a smack and turned to see that Jack had been punched by this Joe but seemed not truly harmed by it and determined that he was in no danger but listened to see if I was needed. All I was able to discern was something about changes and beavers. The man was a harmless forest hermit and I let him be and went back to my watch.

Gozran 30th

We left early in the morning and had another uneventful trip. During the night we were attacked by a monstrous centipede which Asher promptly killed.

Gozran 31st

We arrived in the area of the bandit camp around midafternoon and I asked Sparrow and Asher to scout the camp and let us know all they could about it. Fionn decided to go and the three were gone for a few hours before they returned to inform us of what they had learned. The camp itself was placed alongside a river and had two separate guard towers to keep watch over it. I formed a strategy off of the information they had provided that all could agree to and while Asher, Sparrow, and Fionn got into position, Jack, Kydien, and I waited for the fire that would be our signal. After longer than it should have been we saw the fire and charged in to find Fionn impaled upon his own sword and a small group of bandits coming in for the kill. We dispatched them quickly enough and I ran to my friends side to help in whatever way I could, Jack coming along to aid me. WE got him on his feet and Asher appeared carrying a womens corps with him, who I presumed was the leader of this group of bandits after recalling her description from Oleg.


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