Journal 1

I have spent some time on this ship called the Wormwood. Before I came under the employ of this ship I was a scribe. All day I would sit in a dimly lit room and copy down old dusty tome after old dusty tome. The sun would burn my eyes and my skin every time I ventured away from my room or post. One day, as I was copying some book about the life of a pirate it occurred to me that there was more to this life than these silly pages and my worn chair. In the dead of the night I escaped the confines of my safe little world and search out the thing that had so fully enraptured my mind. The sea. Piracy. Excitement.

I managed to get a spot on board of a ship called the Wormwood, Captained by Captain Harrigan. He’s a mean son of a bitch, but not so bad if you stay out of his way. The years went by quickly from there. We raided, pillaged, plundered and fucked our way through the inner sea. Unfortunately, when you do so much of this the local governments take notice and one day we were attacked. We lost fairly soundly but, luckily for me, I learned early to be neither seen nor heard and managed to survive. The Captain was not so lucky and was taken. Oddly enough, however, he came back, saying that he had struck a deal where he would remain untouched if he helped take down other Captains. This seems like a sour deal but it kept him alive. We now sail to Port Peril to re-man our ship, whether by actual recruitment or by more forceful means. I look forward to seeing land again. I feel the winds of fate at our backs and look forward to what the old whore has in store for us.


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