Golarion 4715

Select a subcategory for this campaign for more information. This is Brian’s campaign, “Golarion 4715.”

Hail and well met, adventurer! I am glad that you’ve decided to venture out into the exciting world of Golarion to seek excitement, glory, treasure, or whatever it is your free soul desires! The year is 4715 AR, and plenty of opportunity awaits you. There are three main continents on Golarion: Avistan, Garund (with the famous Inner Sea between them), and the exotic Eastern continent of Tian Xia. Avistan is home to many famous nations, including Absalom, Andoran, Cheliax, Varisia, Qadira, the River Kingdoms, and more! On Garund, you can find Alkenstar, Osirion, the Shackles, and the Mwangi Expanse, to name a few. And whether or not you believe in a predetermined fate, or coincidence, or pure random happenstance, it seems you find yourself meeting other new adventurers on a road in Avistan just outside the town of Falcon’s Hollow. We’ll get to more information on Falcon’s Hollow in just a minute, but I’m sure you’re wondering for the millionth time in your journey just what brought you here.
I cannot rightly say, myself. You did receive an odd letter about a gift waiting for you at Falcon’s Hollow, signed “The Mad Mage.” And I know you held this letter for months, debating in the back of your mind whether ‘twas a stupid prank, a legitimate offer, or a bizarre trap of some kind. After all, everyone has different stories about different mad mages: some good, some bad. But you’ve made the bold decision to find out for yourself, and so that brings you here, to the road outside Falcon’s Hollow in the late afternoon, with a group of others who, like yourself, possess this weird little note. Whatever happens now, or in the future, remember this: You are in control of your own destiny. The year is 4715 AR, and plenty of opportunity awaits you.


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