Tartuk, Shaman of the Sootscale Kobolds

Tartuk is not only the shaman of the Sootscale Kobolds, but he was also actively usurping control of the kobolds from their rightful ruler, Chief Sootscale. Though his schemes are mostly a mystery, it did involve occupying Chief Sootscale and the other kobolds with a war against the mites, and keeping the kobold soldiers searching high and low for an idol of their diety.

When the party destroyed the mites and recovered the statue, Tartuk was upset, though the kobolds in general were ecstatic. Tartuk eventually reached an agreement with the party, where he’d get the kobolds to work the silver mine, and give the party a 25% cut of the profits. In return, the party would offer protection and help to ensure that the kobolds were kept busy and unaware of Tartuk’s schemes.

However, the party slaughtered Chief Sootscale and a handful of other kobolds immediately after the agreement, and it is uncertain where Tartuk now stands.


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