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Our Poor Fellowship

Lately, it seems we are cursed. We had a fantastic first session in January… and we’ve been unable to meet ever since. This is usually because of scheduling issues. Most recently, our GM had to be rushed to the ER, then to surgery! He’s recovering quickly and strongly, which is fantastic.

But we haven’t been able to play in about a month, now. We’re all itching to roll some dice and slay some demons and such. More and more I keep coming back to the possibility of using Roll20.net for those times when meeting in person is difficult.

True, it’ll be somewhat slower. And it would take some time to get set up the very first time we use it. But after that, the benefits speak for themselves: We’d be able to play from the comfort of our own homes, which means there’s no having to deal with travelling in traffic or spending gas money or taking breaks to get food.

So why aren’t we using it? We’re traditionalists — there’s something magical about playing at an actual table, rolling actual dice, talking face-to-face. But in these dark times, I wonder if a virtual tabletop might be the only thing that can keep our poor fellowship together, as a sort of bandaid until we can physically meet again.


Wrath of the Righteous

In January, The Band of Outcasts will once again convene for adventure! We shall be joined by a new GM, Creighton. Hello, Creighton! We’re all very excited. Creighton will launch us straight into The Wrath of the Righteous adventure path, starting with the first module, The Worldwound Incursion. This is the first official adventure path designed to be used with the Mythic Adventures supplement for Pathfinder.

Given that we’ll be squaring off against demons and such, this is going to make for a truly epic adventure! We’ve begun rolling up fantastically badass characters. We’re all itching to roll some dice again!!

Skulls & Shackles Days 1 – 7

The party is press-ganged into service aboard the Wormwood, captained by Barnabas Harrigan. With his first mate Mister Plugg and the boatswain Master Scourge, the party is forced to work as swabs and deckhands over this time, often enduring grueling tasks outside their competency.

Each character is becoming increasingly frustrated with their situation, and taking it out on various crew, especially directing their anger towards the officers. While one character is trying to subtly sow the seeds of mutiny and make friends, another character is pretending to be the captain and abusing specific crewmembers. Still other members of the party steal items here and there to raise their own hell wherever possible. Not an hour goes by without the party finding a new way to push the patience of the officers.

They’ve repaired rigging, fought rats in the bilge, been tossed in the brig for insolence, helped prepare meals, wrestled with Owlbear, gambled for precious dubloons, and killed the drunken ship’s cook, Fishguts. And as the days drag on, the party only grows closer together, bonding over their captivity, and plotting sweet revenge against Harrigan and his crew.

Kingmaker: Days 18 – 23

Day 18

Kaleria, an old friend of Asher’s, stopped by, explaining that she had a few days in the area and she’d like to help any way she can. The group accepted her and continued mapping the Greenbelt, starting with the North end of the forest and working their way South and West. They came across a patch of Moon Radishes and slaughtered a group of kobolds that had been feasting. At night, the party was randomly attacked by wolves.

Day 19

The party found a fairy nest occupied by a fairy dragon named Perlivash and a bizarre fairy named Tyg Titter Tut. They provided the party with information regarding the Temple of the Elk and a taztlwyrm lair on the condition that the party not report the location of the fair nest to the officials in Restov. Finally coming across a fresh stream, the party bathed, much to everyone’s relief.

Day 20

The party quickly located the long lost Temple of the Elk, and defeated the temple’s guardian – the old cleric cursed to be in bear form until someone worthy of Erastil defeated him. The temple magically restored itself, and the temple pool was found to have minor healing magic imbued in its waters. Not wanting to miss the high priestess of Sarenrae back at Oleg’s Trading Post, the party hurried back Northeast.

Day 23

Asher had the high priestess of Sarenrae remove the curse of the Girdle of Opposite Gender, and was ecstatic. Feeling much more like himself, he declared himself the rightful Shadow Lord.

Kingmaker: Days 12 – 17

Day 12

Asher and Sparrow loot the ex-gladiator’s house, then burn it to the ground. Back at the inn, they enlist Jack to check and see if any of their newly found loot is magical – and it turns out, much of it is. Most notably, Jack earns himself a lot of enchanted jewelry, Asher gained Armor of the Shadow Lord, and Sparrow quietly bagged herself 14 bars of pure platinum. There were also envelopes from Restov royalty and a journal, placed into Asher’s bag for later investigation. Sparrow cashed in one of the bars at a bank, and went shopping with Asher. She proffered Jack’s discretionary services in exchange for a rebate on some magical goods.

Day 13

The party attended the execution of Bernard Orlovsky, who was charged with the murder of Rufus Orlovsky over a Restov charter to explore the Greenbelt. Sparrow and Asher collected their refund from the merchant from the previous day. Jack went about his own business. Reyes stayed at his grandfather’s forge to work on his new set of armor. The party heard rumors of a woman a few towns over predicting a return of a long lost king. The news was as unsettling to Asher as it was comforting to Reyes.

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