Our Poor Fellowship

Lately, it seems we are cursed. We had a fantastic first session in January… and we’ve been unable to meet ever since. This is usually because of scheduling issues. Most recently, our GM had to be rushed to the ER, then to surgery! He’s recovering quickly and strongly, which is fantastic.

But we haven’t been able to play in about a month, now. We’re all itching to roll some dice and slay some demons and such. More and more I keep coming back to the possibility of using Roll20.net for those times when meeting in person is difficult.

True, it’ll be somewhat slower. And it would take some time to get set up the very first time we use it. But after that, the benefits speak for themselves: We’d be able to play from the comfort of our own homes, which means there’s no having to deal with travelling in traffic or spending gas money or taking breaks to get food.

So why aren’t we using it? We’re traditionalists — there’s something magical about playing at an actual table, rolling actual dice, talking face-to-face. But in these dark times, I wonder if a virtual tabletop might be the only thing that can keep our poor fellowship together, as a sort of bandaid until we can physically meet again.