Skulls & Shackles Days 1 – 7

The party is press-ganged into service aboard the Wormwood, captained by Barnabas Harrigan. With his first mate Mister Plugg and the boatswain Master Scourge, the party is forced to work as swabs and deckhands over this time, often enduring grueling tasks outside their competency.

Each character is becoming increasingly frustrated with their situation, and taking it out on various crew, especially directing their anger towards the officers. While one character is trying to subtly sow the seeds of mutiny and make friends, another character is pretending to be the captain and abusing specific crewmembers. Still other members of the party steal items here and there to raise their own hell wherever possible. Not an hour goes by without the party finding a new way to push the patience of the officers.

They’ve repaired rigging, fought rats in the bilge, been tossed in the brig for insolence, helped prepare meals, wrestled with Owlbear, gambled for precious dubloons, and killed the drunken ship’s cook, Fishguts. And as the days drag on, the party only grows closer together, bonding over their captivity, and plotting sweet revenge against Harrigan and his crew.