Kingmaker: Days 24 – 26

Days 24, 25

The party traveled South towards the Stag Lord’s fort. They felt it made tactical sense to be rid of the bandits, and then they could quickly finish up mapping the region.

Day 26

The party passed themselves off as the new liquor couriers, and easily gained admittance into the Stag Lord’s fort.

They were led to the storehouse, where they encountered the current second-in-command, a man named Akiros. Akiros had recently replaced another of the Stag Lord’s lieutenants, Dovan. Nonethless, Akiros was quietly assassinated.

Next, the Stag Lord stumbled out of his bedroom, incredibly drunk, and was also promptly assassinated. Asher used the Stag Lord’s head as a sort of gruesome puppet, planning on terrifying any remaining bandits into submission.

In the cellar beneath the storehouse, the party encountered an old man who turned out to be the Stag Lord’s father. He was enraged at seeing his son dead and desecrated, and feebly attacked Asher. Asher brought to light the fact that the father had tortured the Stag Lord, and the party knocked out the old man, and Asher subsequently killed him.

The party emerged into the courtyard, sending terrified bandits running. Only Dovan remained. He knew who Asher truly was, but submitted to the party’s authority on the pain of death. Asher called renamed the fort The Fort of the Shadow Lord (due to his armor), and happily reminded the party that they were all now legitimate, land-owning nobles. Dovan was named Steward of the fort, and instructed to fix it up (it was in a state of disrepair) while the party was out on business.

Of the supplies found at the fort, the party took the valuables with them, but left the general supplies such as food, construction material, furs, weapons, etc. They felt that it would give them a good head start towards beginning a settlement. They also felt confident that they’d be rewarded with permission to do so after reporting back to Restov about the death of the Stag Lord and a map of the region.


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