Kingmaker: Days 18 – 23

Day 18

Kaleria, an old friend of Asher’s, stopped by, explaining that she had a few days in the area and she’d like to help any way she can. The group accepted her and continued mapping the Greenbelt, starting with the North end of the forest and working their way South and West. They came across a patch of Moon Radishes and slaughtered a group of kobolds that had been feasting. At night, the party was randomly attacked by wolves.

Day 19

The party found a fairy nest occupied by a fairy dragon named Perlivash and a bizarre fairy named Tyg Titter Tut. They provided the party with information regarding the Temple of the Elk and a taztlwyrm lair on the condition that the party not report the location of the fair nest to the officials in Restov. Finally coming across a fresh stream, the party bathed, much to everyone’s relief.

Day 20

The party quickly located the long lost Temple of the Elk, and defeated the temple’s guardian – the old cleric cursed to be in bear form until someone worthy of Erastil defeated him. The temple magically restored itself, and the temple pool was found to have minor healing magic imbued in its waters. Not wanting to miss the high priestess of Sarenrae back at Oleg’s Trading Post, the party hurried back Northeast.

Day 23

Asher had the high priestess of Sarenrae remove the curse of the Girdle of Opposite Gender, and was ecstatic. Feeling much more like himself, he declared himself the rightful Shadow Lord.


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