Kingmaker: Days 12 – 17

Day 12

Asher and Sparrow loot the ex-gladiator’s house, then burn it to the ground. Back at the inn, they enlist Jack to check and see if any of their newly found loot is magical – and it turns out, much of it is. Most notably, Jack earns himself a lot of enchanted jewelry, Asher gained Armor of the Shadow Lord, and Sparrow quietly bagged herself 14 bars of pure platinum. There were also envelopes from Restov royalty and a journal, placed into Asher’s bag for later investigation. Sparrow cashed in one of the bars at a bank, and went shopping with Asher. She proffered Jack’s discretionary services in exchange for a rebate on some magical goods.

Day 13

The party attended the execution of Bernard Orlovsky, who was charged with the murder of Rufus Orlovsky over a Restov charter to explore the Greenbelt. Sparrow and Asher collected their refund from the merchant from the previous day. Jack went about his own business. Reyes stayed at his grandfather’s forge to work on his new set of armor. The party heard rumors of a woman a few towns over predicting a return of a long lost king. The news was as unsettling to Asher as it was comforting to Reyes.

Day 14

Asher was finally tricked into wearing the ex-gladiator’s 20 year championship belt, which Sparrow told him was a “Belt of Distraction.” In reality, it was an infamous Girdle of Opposite Gender. Asher’s sex was transformed into a woman, with all the pros and cons thereof. (S)he reached new levels of homicidal, very clearly upset with the predicament. Eventually, Asher convinced the party to return to Restov and seek a Remove Curse spell from the temple of Sarenrae first thing in the morning.

Day 15

The party learned that the high priestess was travelling, and was the only one skilled enough to cast such a spell. Sparrow tried to find a scroll of Remove Curse in town, to no avail. The party had no choice but to spend another night in Restov, and set off for Oleg’s Trading Post in the morning. Sparrow and Jack noted their concern that Asher would make attempts on their lives while they slept in retaliation for the prank. Reyes began to take pity on Asher, offering healing and assistance until Asher had fully adjusted to the new body.

Day 16

Asher and Reyes agreed that the exploration of the forest should take priority, and so drew up a rough plan to methodically explore the Greenbelt. Their first region took all day with little activity, but the party did encounter a trapper, who turned out to be Crazy Joe’s brother. Asher admitted to killing Crazy Joe, but the brother refused to believe it. Still incredibly angry and homicidal, Asher killed the brother as well.

Day 17

The party entered the forest, and encountered boggarts. After the battle, Asher admitted he was finally adjusting to the new body, and was slightly less angry about it now that he had the chance to kill more creatures to relieve his stress. Sparrow and Jack expressed some slight regret in the prank, noting that they still took precautions when sleeping at night against a possible attack from Asher. Reyes did a lot of eye-rolling at the situation in general, and probably wanted Asher turned back into a man just as much as Asher did. However, at the end of the day, Asher did admit that he was certainly embarrassed that he fell for such a prank. The party now had a little over a week before the high priestess of Sarenrae would come through Oleg’s Trading Post.


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