Kingmaker: Day 7

Day 7

In the morning, the party discussed their plans and pooled their knowledge concerning the kobolds. They realized that these are the Sootscale Kobolds, so-named for their blackish scales and their leader, Chief Sootscale. They live in what was formerly “Oaktop Silver Mine.” The party set out in the afternoon, and found the lair at sundown.

The party informed the sentry that they wished to talk with the chief, but when the party revealed the ivory devil statue recovered from the mites, the sentry took the party to the kobold shaman, Tartuk, instead. Tartuk thanked the party… but in truth, Tartuk did not want the statue to be recovered. As the party would later learn, Chief Sootscale is just a puppet leader, with Tartuk pulling the strings; as long as the chief and the other kobolds are preoccupied with war and recovering that statue, Tartuk can continue his schemes unnoticed.

Nonetheless, the statue was an idol of the kobold’s diety, and the tricky situation nearly developed in an all-out fight a couple times as the party tried to negotiate for the wedding ring, and perhaps, the kobolds’ alliance. While Sparrow and Asher robbed the kobolds blind, Jack and Reyes hashed out a deal with Tartuk, wherein Tartuk would convince Chief Sootscale to begin working the mine. The party would earn 25% of the profits from the silver, and in return, ensure the kobolds’ protection and prevent the kobolds from becoming stagnant and bored.

On their way out of the kobold lair, laden with many stolen goods (including, at last, Svetlana’s wedding ring!), the party unfortunately ran into trouble. Chief Sootscale came around a corner with a handful of guards, and, believing the party to be hostile invaders, ordered an immediate attack. Reyes, Jack, and Sparrow demonstrated dazzling spectacles of violence in dispatching this entire kobold force within seconds — capped off by Reyes’ beheading of Chief Sootscales.

As they left the lair, with an angry Tartuk and several other kobolds hot on their heels, Reyes tossed the chief’s head back into the lair and angrily reminded Tartuk to uphold the agreement with the mine.


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