Kingmaker: Days 5 – 6

Day 5

The party headed towards the sycamore tree for most of the day, but discovered a virginal vein of gold in a cave along the way. After some discussion, the bandit prisoner was judged to be of no further use, and a burden, and was executed by Reyes. Reyes was in an interesting mood after having buried Fionn the previous evening.

Day 6

The party arrived at the old sycamore tree, and found the entrance into the mites’ lair. The assault was rapid and aggressive; no prisoners were taken. The party showed little patience or mercy. It was learned that the mites were breeding giant centipedes, and the party took care to destroy all centipede eggs. The party also found primitive documents that described a war between these mites, and a tribe of kobolds called “Scootscale” to the South. There was a record of a supply theft by the kobolds… and the party assumed that the kobolds were now in possession of Svetlana’s wedding ring.

Presently, the party is loaded with cash and supplies, and has been out in the country for almost a week. As they made camp on the sixth night, they promised to debate pressing onward to recover Svetlana’s ring, or returning to Oleg’s to offload some supplies before continuing on their quest.


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